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Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency appeared on November 15, 2018 as a result of the hardfork of another coin - Bitcoin Cash. The inspirer of this project is the notorious entrepreneur Craig Wright, who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto.

Prerequisites for the create of this coin was the disagreement between Roger Ver (the creator of Bitcoin Cash) and Craig Wright, who could not agree on how the Bitcoin network should develop. The reason for the disagreement is that the developers of the BCH wanted to add capabilities for translating atomic swaps, infrastructure for decentralized applications. That is, it was supposed to create a platform similar to Ethereum.

SV stands for Satoshi Vision, and they called themselves so not occasionally. Because they believe that Bitcoin should continue to evolve as a cryptocurrency with increased transaction speed, scalability and security. At the same time, developers continue to rely on the BCH, regarding it as a “real Bitcoin”.

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128.6 USD


0.015 BTC
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2.3B USD
264 238.4 BTC
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484.6M USD
55 101.4 BTC
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