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What if you had invested your $1 000 in today’s TOP-5 coins or gold a few years ago?

July 6, 2019


What if you had invested your $1 000 in today’s TOP-5 coins or gold a few years ago?

For centuries, gold was considered one of the safest and most profitable means of capital storage. With the advent and popularization of Bitcoin, it has become known as «digital gold».

In today’s joint study with the Huobi Exchange, we have decided to compare real gold with its digital counterpart and to check how much the investor could have potentially earned by investing $1000 in current TOP-5 (by crypto coins ranking) or gold as of June 2014.

The following cryptocurrencies were chosen for the study:
Bitcoin Cash

XRP overtakes gold, Ethereum bursts into the market

Note the main events that occur on the video. Although gold initially showed better results than the competitors, it took slightly more than a month for XRP to overtake gold (on July 16, 2014). After that, gold has never taken the first place, gradually losing position by position.

Described initially in Vitalik Buterin’s publications at the end of 2013, Ethereum was meant to be Bitcoin’s next generation, with scripting language and smart contracts. Ethereum blockchain platform was launched on July 30, 2015. Later, it became a big game changer for the industry.

In February 2016, Ethereum came out on top with more than double of the initial price.

In 2017, the insane growth of cryptocurrency took on the character of a real fever.
In June of 2017, Ethereum showed fantastic 100x ROI.

The emergence of Bitcoin cash, the battle between XRP and Ethereum

On August 1, 2017, the most successful of Bitcoin’s forks, Bitcoin Cash, appeared. It was created to solve problems with speed transaction confirmation. Instead of 1 megabyte in Bitcoin Cash, a block size of 8 megabytes was chosen. As you all know, the incredible peak of crypto growth was reached in January 2018, having shown an unattainable result on the return of funds: if you had invested $1000 in XRP in 2014, you could have gotten $730253!!!

And although Ethereum then took the first place for a long time, the XRP came out on top again at the end of September 2018.
This fierce battle between XRP and ETH continues to present, with coins repeatedly replacing each other on a pedestal.


Although gold can be considered a haven, it can hardly be called a successful asset for investment. Top crypto currencies, in turn, have proven to be very profitable assets for their investors (not always stable, though).

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