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DataLight Lab is now open

January 1, 2019


DataLight Lab is now open

Hi! We’re from DataLight and we’re excited to announce the launch of our gem — the LAB.

DataLight gathers tons of data on crypto projects, processes it and presents it in a convenient and customizable form. Real time market data, social media activity, blockchain stats and many other metrics are visualized on a dashboard that users can adapt to their needs.

It means that traders will no longer have to spend their time scrolling through hundreds of pages in search for the data they need. All the necessary information is now available in DataLight Lab.

The Lab was designed to present useful and insightful data in the most convenient and customizable form. You can select necessary metrics and coins, set up graphs and diagrams any way you like, analyze interrelation of different data on blockchain or social media activity and create a super convenient dashboard that will become your own ultimate prediction tool.

You can explore the Lab right now!

For your convenience we’ve prepared a nice explainer on how to use the Lab and we strongly recommend you read it to get most benefits from our amazing platform.

Make sure you read the tutorial to get most benefits from our amazing platform.

If you participated in the early beta testing of the Lab, here’s a list of updates

Here’s the list of what expects you there:

  1. A lot of data on Ethereum blockchain’s activity. For example, you can now see the number and amount of transactions for a selected period of time as well as the number of active wallets and aggregated value of transferred coins.
  2. Token pages now have beautiful multilayered graphs and the graphs themselves have become more detailed and there are new panels underneath them. Those panels allow you to track various indicators simultaneously in the most effective way.
  3. You can see a global buy market index for the entire market. Buy Market index shows the share of people who bought a crypto asset for its market price. Applied to the whole market, it shows if there’s a general buying initiative right now.
  4. We have introduced the BTCX index that shows Bitcoin capitalization divided by joint capitalization of TOP 5 crypto assets. Such approach gives a clearer picture of how dominant BTC is as BTC to total market cap ratio depends on how many new coins are added and emitted in a certain period. BTCX’s name is derived from classic USDX (DXY) index, as Bitcoin’s role in crypto industry is quite similar to such of US Dollar on traditional markets.
  5. You can also use a Crypto Volatility Index (CVIX), which is similar to the fear index derived from the classic stock market based on S&P500. In our case CVIX shows overall volatility of crypto market capitalization; it is calculated as an average root-mean-square deviation for the last 30 days from the average price for the same period.
  6. New indexes also include:
  • Sharpe index — a golden standard for financial analysts. It is calculated as asset return divided by asset volatility; it our case it’s calculated for a 30 day period
  • Liquidity — daily trading volume divided by capitalization of a given coin

We thank you for using DataLight and wish you a happy and profitable 2019!

Kind regards,

DataLight team

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