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DataLight API. Ultimate data for cryptocurrency trading and analysis

March 28, 2019


DataLight API. Ultimate data for cryptocurrency trading and analysis

DataLight API is designed for market professionals, for those who use automated trading systems. Accordingly, for them, the API provides data in a machine-readable, aggregated form. Upon request, we can issue this data in various forms, including raw, which is available in the Enterprise package.

We ourselves are traders, most of our team members are speculating or investing on exchanges both with classic and blockchain assets. We communicate with many traders and receive feedback from them and we understand that a mass product requires a product similar to LAB, which is on one hand intuitive while working with it, and also is visually informative while relatively simple.

Data in DataLight API

On the other hand, we are seeing a large increase in the popularity of algorithmic trading. For example, in the stock market now about 90% of transactions are made by robots, and even if a person makes a decision, the robot executes applications, because it does it more efficiently, and inevitably the market goes to such a model. Accordingly, other market participants need raw or aggregated data in a machine-readable form. For them we make our API.


DataLight API

We’ve created comprehensive guide to start working with our public API.


If you have any questions regarding our API feel free to join our chat and ask them there.

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