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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DataLight?

DataLight is a unique tool allowing crypto traders to analyse crypto assets and make precise data-driven trading decisions.

How does DataLight work?

DataLight gathers tons of data on crypto projects, processes it and presents it in a convenient and customizable form. Market data, social media activity, blockchain data and many other metrics are visualized on a dashboard that users can adapt to their needs. It means that traders will no longer have to spend their time scrolling through hundreds of pages in search for the data they need. All the necessary information is now available in DataLight Lab.

What’s the Buy Market?

Buy Market indicator shows the share of people who bought a crypto asset for its market price.

As each deal has an active participant, who bought or sold an asset for its current price, Buy Market purchases may indicate that traders currently buy the dip or it could be a sign that people are buying out a cryptocurrency in hope that its price will go up.

However, if the price of an asset doesn’t grow, while the Buy Market indicator is high, one could assume that the asset is being sold in big pre-set orders on pre-set levels.

Combined with the exchange volume and price fluctuation Buy Market index can help you understand current market trends.

What is the Hype Index?

Price fluctuations often follow the news – big ones as well as the most insignificant technical updates.

A news article will have no effect until it reaches traders or investors and given how fast news spread in the social media, nowadays nobody is really surprised to see Trump’s or McAfee’s tweets sending markets into downtrends.

This is why we evaluate the number of posts mentioning a given cryptocurrency on Twitter and Telegram, related comments, impressions and user engagement to produce a Hype Index.

This index basically shows how discussed was the coin in the last 24 hours.

What is DataLight Lab?

Many websites give you tons of raw and unsorted data, which is extremely inconvenient for those who do not deal with data processing on a day-to-day basis.

DataLight Lab was designed to present useful and insightful data in a convenient and customizable form. You can select necessary metrics and coins, set up graphs and diagrams any way you like, analyze interrelation of different data (and its influence on the price) and create a super convenient dashboard.

What insights does DataLight give?

DataLight provides you with free ratings, graphs and indices for various assets so that you could compare and analyze them. It is convenient and easy to use. However, if you aim for a more profound level of analysis, you should try the Lab.

DataLight Lab allows you to get you own data-driven insights, see if they interrelate, share your ideas and capitalize on them.